Friday, May 30, 2014

Who was the insider who sold bonds May 23,2012?

On May 23 , 2012 a "customer " sold  $1 million face value or  $1.22 million dollars worth of 38 studio bonds . The following day, May 24,2012 38 Studios announced it was laying off all its employees . This lowered the price of 38 Studios bonds in their  very illiquid and limited  marketplace by 10 points or $100,000 overnight. Some might say "great timing" or "coincidence". I have decades of experience in trading markets and have been wronged by front runners and inside traders  dozens of times . I have turned them in to authorities many times as well and have had some success. This trade "stinks" of an insider trade for the following reasons:

            This trade "stinks" of an insider trade for the following reasons:

1) these bonds  hardly ever trade only 39 trades in 3years.

2)  all the owners were all  "accredited " investors  and all but $7.2 million were identified to be held by insurance companies

3) its extremely likely the accredited investor who sold so presciently  is a Rhode Island Resident.(can you imagine how hard it would be to convince someone outside of RI in such a short time frame to invest)

4) This resident is extremely likely to be connected to those involved in the 38 studios scheme which now has an estimated 100 subpoenas floating around related to the failed entity.

5) Since the owners of this $7.2 million worth of Private placement bonds are almost certainly very wealthy Rhode Islanders they are connected for sure to the statehouse and politicians and could have easily  received a tip in May about 38 studios shutting down.

6) It definitely looks like it  was one trade representing a sale of one wealthy investor. The last trade prior to May 23 sale was on April 3,2012. There were only 4 trades in all 2012 prior to the May23 sale.!! the last trade prior was March 2011.

So while we wait for this to be investigated or further covered up.My opinion  is that there is better than a 50/50 chance  it will result in  Insider trading Charges and  both the criminal tippee and the criminal insider trader will be revealed as very well known Rhode Islanders. After all how many Rhode Islanders have that financial wherewithal. and savvy?If they obfuscate or give false testimony felony jail time is likely.

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  1. Michael is this information being passed along to the right people or do you believe it will be looked at in the general investigation?