Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Confused Governor issues lie in 38 studios Press release

      No, Mr. Governor you did not "decide"  to include the $12.5 in your budget as an appropriation request. You were required to. This is a case of you doing your job  as required but instead  pretending that  you have gone above and beyond to help our credit rating. Here's what really happened;

              From the Governors press release May 9,2014

       “We must protect the state’s credit rating, its positive reputation and our access to the capital markets.  That’s why I included $12.5 million in my FY 2015 budget to meet its obligation,
Governor Lincoln D. Chafee said.  5/9/14

             from the governors website   Budget document  updated in January 2014

          Economic Development Corporation has agreed to present the Governor with a certificate stating the amounts required to restore any shortfall and the Governor is required to include such

amounts in his or her budget request for appropriation to the General Assembly.  The General Assembly may but is not required to appropriate such amounts. The Governor has included $2.4 million in the FY 2014 recommended budget to provide sufficient funding, when combined with the projected resources in the capital reserve fund, to pay the required debt service in FY 2014.

       Enough with the lies and half truths like conducting  "a forensic investigation into 38 studios" and declaring in 2012 your " 2012 - the  Year of cities and towns"  where you promised intense focus on the municipal pension crisis. Im still waiting to hear the results of the Block investigation into fraud and waste where you could  have saved taxpayers  hundreds of millions. Now we find out this independent  SJ Advisors investigation was not so independent.  

Trust Chafee?    I don't think so. You are covering up something for someone.

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