Monday, May 5, 2014

Compare your favorite towns to Rhode Island cities

Savannah,GA Providence,RI JOHNSTON,RI
Population 146,000 174,000 29,000
Net Assets of town  $1,100,000,000 ($146,300,000) ($26,845,556)
Property taxes $55,000,000 $324,000,000 $69,200,000
total annual  tax revenue $142,000,000 $385,000,000 $71,000,000
cost of public safety $96,000,000 $170,854,000 $40,000,000
annual employee benefits paid out $27,507,000 $95,402,000 $11,000,000
pension Funding ratio 72.81% 20% 25.63%
Unfunded                OPEB LIABILITY + PENSION LIABILITY $206 million $2.65 BILLION.     $296 million
Pension debt +OPEB  per household

    $3,934 $42,980 $26,435
auditor Cites Specific pension Accounting issue no yes, assets overstated by $59,000,000 no

instructions for viewing Polisena rant against Ernie Almonte

  • Michael G Riley
    Michael G Riley

    That site is difficult to work with
    2. Below the inoperable video screen is an archive of videos and a series of numbered boxes
    You should hit the box #3 to go back 3 pages(I guess) you are looking for the April 28 video of " locally administered pensions and opeb" It will show as 4-28-14
    The fun starts at the 2 minute mark and goes for about 9 minutes
    Let me know what you think I think this should be huge news

Rhode Is


  1. I want to live in Georgia!

    Mike -- you might want to compare Rhode Island cities with some failing municipalities in California, too!

    1. i will continue to do so...Rhode island is still worse from a pension Plan point of view and property tax burden

  2. Is there a website that generates this data? From the posts headline thats what I thought at first

    1. as far as i know i am the only one doing this ..are there some towns you would like to compare?