Monday, October 27, 2014

Seth Magaziner 2014 performance as analyst

      After fabricating a track record as money manager. Seth was admonished by the CFA . No longer calling himself a money manager he refers to himself as an "investment professional" (a vice president "analyst" of financial stocks) . He makes $50,000 to $100,000 a year not a managers salary.
     Now Seth refuses to identify his picks as an analyst. Once touting himself as having the "strongest returns bar none"  I decided to review Trillium's portfolio for financial holdings. The picks were Seth's. His performance year to date is down over 2% with this mornings crash in Banco Bradesco. The portfolio was filed with the SEC a week ago. Positions , picks  and ytd are accurate. Don't expect the media including Projo to be rigorous about Magaziners qualifications, don't expect Eugene Emory to even have a clue.
      Arm yourself with FACTS and try to distribute them despite RI media attempts to hide the truth.

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