Monday, February 11, 2013

ETF Conference Inadvertently slights founder

My letter to Index Universe

Dear Sirs,
                                             I am very happy for the conference you are putting on. But i am also very upset for the lack of recognition for Ivers W Riley who was the driving force behind the original ETF Spider as well as other innovative financial products and exchanges. As you celebrate the 20 years of wealth this industry has produced  you should be aware of Ivers contribution. He is very well known in the industry and a true yet humble pioneer. Ivers is in the Futures Industry Hall of Fame and many of the people at your conference either worked for My father or directly benefited from his work. It 's  a shame that everyone has forgotten him. My father has never been a self promoter and people love that about him he never became rich as he preferred to lead and invent rather than get paid. Still  I am sure he is personally hurt by this neglect of his contribution to this amazing product. i know I am hurt by it as well.

                                                                                 Michael G Riley 

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